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Posted on: September 28, 2009

My online identity is different from my real life identity…

My real life identity is less diverse and less out-spoken than my online one, perhaps this is because of the greater pressure I feel to speak in public.

I have a diverse personality online because there are many different online networks that I can easily and freely become a part of. I am a part of the Facebook network, (the fourth largest nation in the world), and within Facebook I am a member of a set of groups such as “Egypt: Om el  Donya, ” “Hello…my name is nora,” “U.A.E. Pet Lovers” and many more.  Facebook is like a country to me, and its groups are the country’s states, cities and societies. I feel as though I am different in each society, or group, because I feel obliged to talk about only one topic… For example, when I am talking in “Hello…my name is nora” my only concern and focus is my name. I talk to people all over the world named Nora, and I become more aware of my name, its origins, what it sounds like and what I dislike about people’s pronunciation of it.. I forget about my other characteristics and focus on one.

I am a fan of many online networks, sites and web pages; here is the art gallery site of a painter that I only discovered online and by accident. The artist’s name is Elizabeth LaChance and I am absolutely infatuated and inspired by her colorful, vibrant pieces that seem to balance on the line between realistic depictions and fantastical depictions…

Here is one piece by LaChance titled Bubbly Sensation. I appreciate the cool colors, and how it gradually changes from green to blue. I also like the juxtaposition of the round “bubbles” with the linear style.. A purely uplifting sensation!

Bubbly Sensation, By LaChance

Bubbly Sensation, By LaChance

Another webpage I recently visited and would recommend others to visit is this page contains the script for Blood Simple which is a script I fell in love with though I have not seen the film itself!  Blood Simple is the first film by the Coen brothers, who also went on to write and direct such films as Fargo, The Man Who Wasn’t There, and Burn After Reading.

Another change I have gone through because of the internet and its online community is that I have become a more do-it-yourself kind of person. No longer do I need to what for a doctor’s advice for what to do in case of trivial quandries; now when I what to know how to lose weight or erradicate runny noses, or even split ends, I simply go to One important point to make is that I use such informal medical sites with great discretion, by which I mean I do not inquire about life-treatening or major illnesses. I also like to play it safe by visiting this site because all treatments are  herbal or natural, I believe you can never go wrong by using organic products from nature.

Finally, I enjoy using Google-images to look for an overall collection of images, and this way I do not limit myself to specific websites and authors.

Google screenshot
Google screenshot
You can see why I prefer Google to other search engines… It has a clean, simple-to-navigate, layout. It only consists of the necessities: Option for search (web, image, videos…), sign in for Gmail, and a few other options, as well as this it has a clear, white background.
In contrast:
Dogpile screenshot

Dogpile screenshot

Has too much images and distracting text. The links such as horoscopes, download toolbar, SearchSpy, etc.. are futile especially when I have a set idea about what I am looking for. In my opinion this page becomes crowded and messy, although I do love the little dog!
At the same time Yahoo, Google’s key competitor is over simplified. Whether I am just accustomed to Google’s page or not, Yahoo’s page seems to have empty space on the top and bottom..
Yahoo screenshot

Yahoo screenshot

In conclusion, these are the main reasons that Google is my number one search engine.

I used this wider search to find some images of classic advertisements, they are posted on my media library, please feel free to look through them and read the comments I made on them.. Tell me what you think about them too, I thought one of them was hilarious!




4 Responses to "My Online Identity"

Oh man, I love the Coen brothers. Did you watch No Country for Old Men? Amazing film.
You have a media library? That’s awesome. I’ll check it out.

Hey George!

Unfortunately I haven’t seen No Country for Old Men but I definately will try to now that you bring it up.. Also, if you haven’t seen Blood Simple I highly recommend you do! It’s also one of the first, if not the first screenplay they have written.. I just read the script but I felt as though I watched the whole thing…ten times!

Thank you for the comment!

Hey Nora,

I think your blog about online identity is informative and useful. It covers so many great details about you. I really enjoyed reading it!

Good job on your blog… great word choice and creative as always.

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  • nazgolhrh: Good job on your blog... great word choice and creative as always.


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