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The Spunny Population Ends War

Posted on: November 9, 2009

Hmm… I create my own avatar… So I can be anything I want to be? Do anything I want to do? What’s that? I can even fly? Open and develop a multinational company from my desk? Save the world? Second Life sounds great!

I am a spunny [s’pʌnɪ]. A ‘spunny’ is a four legged mammal, no bigger than the palm of an average human’s hand. They are most reminiscent of modern day bunnies and chipmunks. Spunnies are furry and their ears are half the length of their heads. They have a cotton ball-like tail on their lower back region. Male spunnies are blue and green, female spunnies are purple and pink, and those that are asexual are orange. When spunnies are angry, they turn into monotone shades of white, grey and black, depending on how angry they are.

Spunnies have a life span of 60 years in which they do not have the complications of grey hairs, slower motor reflexes, weakening bones, etc… as they age! Spunnies are adapted to all environments, cold, hot, even polluted ones. You see, spunnies have undergone a selective mutation process in which only the spunnies’ genes with traits and characteristics which help them strive in polluted areas are passed on. Spunnies have therefore developed a kind of inbuilt air filter in their noses. Their saliva also contains a higher level of SAK, (selective acidic killers). SAK recognize foreign and potentially dangerous antibodies, bacteria, contaminated food and kills them (with high acidic levels) before they enter further into the stomach and cause damage. Therefore, spunnies have the advantage of being immune to viruses and health problems. So, why do spunnies die at age 60? Well, why would you want these furry little creatures to live forever and overpopulate the world? Don’t worry though, their times to leave are very subtle. When a spunny passes away, it simply switches off, so to a spunny it feels like it is just dozing off. I have created spunnies to have remarkable bodily functions and systems which help them survive because these are traits that I, as well as many other people I’m sure, would love to have. Health is, in my opinion, one of the most crucial factors of life and spunnies are lucky that they do not need to worry about it.


10 Year-Old Female Spunny

How wonderful it is to be a spunny! Spunnies have many abilities that ordinary animals do not have, they speak and understand English, Arabic, French, Chinese and German, which allows them to interact with humans. Spunnies were first bred in Switzerland, Geneva and now live in our modern-day real-life world in almost every country around the globe. This means that they are able to affect and change our lives directly and quickly.

One major problem that my spunny, as well as other fellow spunnies will deal with is war. Spunnies have the ability to eradicate hatred in people so they will end conflict and war. Spunnies’ eyes emit un-violent rays. Un-violent rays alter and destroy the negative aura and violent feelings that are especially prevalent in human beings. It alters people’s harsh feelings so that they become loving humanitarians. Israelis, Palestinians, Indians, Pakistanis, Americans and Iranians will all be united and live in a harmonious world.

But all these are just dreams… Our Second Life characters, avatars, personalities, accomplishments, though they may peak into the real life by helping us meet new people, establish new ideas, invent new products, or realize new solutions to global warming, they cannot be substituted for real life movements and actions. These ideas we develop from Second Life mean nothing until we follow them through and translate them into tangible and realistic ideas. I agree, we should live in a world where extensive eating habits do not affect our weight, or little rainbow bunnies roam the streets (well, maybe that’s just my fantasy), but ideas that are too absurd, alien and unrealistic may not exactly work in our world, real world that is. Having said this, my dream for spunnies is strong and I am hopeful. Perhaps one day a little pink spunny will hop onto a war zone and end a war!


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