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Probably my favorite word in the English language



Its bulging succulent b’s:

B bb

Its hefty, heavy vowels:

 u   e

Its roll-off-the-tongue-because-I’m-too-lazy-to take-the-stairs:


Onomatopoeia to my ears,

once sounded I can’t help but imagine a chubby, stubby boy — 

yet such a delicate word,

say it with care, for one err and you pop it!

Look at those big bellied b’s,

visual onomatopoeia to my eyes.

Look at u trying to be an a.

Meager unfinished attempt

it leaves us gliding in mid-air.

And what about that tall dainty l?

And that silent yet noticeable e

the freeloader that attaches itself to the end of so many words.

But who are we kidding?

Without that e we would have a lopsided


So perfect is the


That it deserves a capital B

that’s twice as many bellies.

B bb

 u   e


Say it with care, for one slight fault and you could end up with

R    b



                 e    .  ..

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  • nazgolhrh: Good job on your blog... great word choice and creative as always.